Friday, October 27, 2017

Crazy Golf in Seaburn, Sunderland

As part of Sunderland's annual illuminations each autumn, a mini-fairground has set up in Cliffe Park in Seaburn, which is just a few minutes walk from our house.  And this year, along with the big sightseeing wheel and kiddies rides, a mini golf course has opened up too. Of course, we had to go and take a look!

It's a really nicely constructed course. It's called Golden Putter and there are 18 holes. 

Based on the seafront it's in a lovely location tour. 

It's a temporary course for the duration of the illuminations and so there was a bit of an uneven playing surface on many of the holes but that really didn't matter.  It felt new and fresh, it was clean and inviting and at only £4 a game for adults, it was good value for money too.

You can see the portable course, that's currently in Seaburn, on the Golden Putter website where there's a hole by hole breakdown.   It's here.

All in all, this was a really enjoyable game to play with some tricky holes.

Final scores: Sunny Jim 53 and Flaming Nora 62.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Crazy golf in Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain

Just back from a wonderful few days holiday spent in Alicante, Spain. 

As we were on the same Costa as the city of Benidorn, which we'd never visited before, we thought we'd make a day of it. Off we headed on the tram down the coast to Benidorm and had our eyes opened to the place. Far cleaner, happier and much more Spanish than we ever thought it could be, we can see what all the fuss is about now around having a holiday to "Benny".

And although we weren't looking for it, we found a mini golf course too!

Benidorm Mini Golf has its own facebook page here.

It was a nicely kept course in a shaded spot under trees, in a street just one step back from the main drag.
And the scores were in - a draw!

You can also read about a course we played in Alicante too.

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Crazy golf in Alicante, Costa Blanca, Spain

Just back from a few days spent on holiday in Alicante.  We never expected to find any Crazy Golf there and so it was a lovely surprise to stumble across this little gem.

It's in Parque infantil "Mundo de los niƱos" - and it has a website here.

It was a quick and easy course to play as it was meant for, er, children to play on, not adults. But did that stop us? No, it did not!  We had fun! I tell you, fun!

Loved the fact that every hole came with its own pen so you didn't have to carry a pen or pencil around the course in order to keep the score card updated.

There were lots of holes which had moving parts, which added to the childish fun too.

And this was wonderful (below). You had to hit the ball into a moving waterwheel. Once the ball went into the bucket of the waterwheel it was carried around and droppped out on the other side, ready to hit into the hole.
All in all, a good, fun course set on a lovely location by the marina in Alicante.
And the scorecards.  Barry won by 2 points.

You can also read about a game we played in Benidorm too.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

JD Golf Dome, Seaton Carew, Hartlepool

We took a trip to Seaton Carew on the Tees coast today. It's a seaside town that both of us had been to before, when we were kids, and we went back today for Glenda's birthday day out. Much fun was had including a chippy lunch in a great pub (The Marine Hotel) on the sea front and an ice-cream to follow, eaten by the magnificent, wide beach.

We also checked out the JD golf dome which we'd found about online.

It probably goes down as one of the most bizarre crazy golf experiences we've ever had - and we mean that in a good way, of course!

The golf dome is a short walk along the sea-front from central Seaton Carew. You can't miss it, it's huge. Inside, the crazy golf course, or golf trail as it's officially known, it was £4 each to play 10 holes.

The greenery isn't real, it's all plastic and the turf is artificial too. But it's a great surface to play on and being in the huge dome made the whole experience something very special indeed, if not a little odd. It was great fun with some tricky holes.

Each hole had two ways to play them - the easy way or the hard way, indicated by a yellow and blue dot at the start of each hole. 

We were also offered, when we went in, the choice of left or right handed clubs! This is something we've never been offered before, and was a first for us both.

All in all, a good game. The staff member was really friendly and helpful and there's a bar inside the dome too.

Final scores?  It was a rare win for Glenda with 31, Barry was on 33.

The website to find out more is at

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Putting it Together - a story of crazy golf

Glenda has a short story published in this week's The People's Friend magazine, on sale Weds 17 August 2016.

The story is called A Crazy Idea and it's about a woman who sets up her own crazy golf course on a patch of land she's been left in her uncle's will. 

It's a fun story that she really enjoyed writing and hopes you will enjoy reading it too.


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Saturday, June 11, 2016

A trip to Great Yarmouth

We've just had a few days in Norfolk and had a couple of trips to Great Yarmouth. It's absolutely great for fans of Crazy Golf. We counted 4 different courses open but we only had time to play 3 of them. There was a course on the caravan site we were staying on in Belton too.

First up was Pirate's Cove.

What a fantastic course. We were a little put off at first by the price, £7 per adult, but that's for 18 holes and the course is huge. We soon realised that it was good value. It stared off with a chance to select your favourite colour of ball from a dispenser using a token from the sales desk.

Then, if you thought your ball was a bit dirty there was a ball washing machine. Flaming Nora loved this and it was hard to drag her away to get started on the round. Each hole is quite long and several of them use different levels with one of them having 3. There's plenty of water flowing around; small plaques with snippets of information about pirates, so it's educational too; the holes are in excellent condition with a lovely playing surface; and it's beautifully landscaped with hardly a weed in sight. Check out their website for pictures.

In our last post Flaming Nora wrote about what her fantasy course would be like and this course ticked a lot of those boxes. We both agreed that it was probably the finest course we've ever played.

Next we went to Pirate's Cove's sister course further along the prom: Castaway Island.

This is a very similar course to Pirate's Cove but a little smaller and consequently only cost £6 per adult. My brother-in-law informed me later that it is built on the site that up until last year housed an old Arnold Palmer course. It's a shame that another Arnold Palmer has gone but its replacement is still good.

Unfortunately we didn't take any photographs but there are some on their website.

The last course we played in Great Yarmouth was in Merrivale Model Village.

The model village is a wonderful attraction on the seafront and well worth a visit in its own right but included in the price is the use of their own crazy golf course. It's not the greatest course you'll ever play but once you've paid your admission to the village there's nothing to stop you playing again and again and the whole family had a great time. There are lots of pictures on their website.

Unfortunately we felt a little golfed out by this point and so didn't try the Adventure Golf course in the Pleasure Beach Gardens.

Finally, we stayed at the Wild Duck caravan park in Belton which has its very own mini golf course. It's a private site so I don't think you can play on the course unless you're staying there. To be honest you're not missing much. It's in need of a little care and attention and at £4 per adult for 9 holes it's a bit overpriced and they don't even give you a scorecard.


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Sunday, May 29, 2016

My fantasy crazy golf course - what would it contain?

Yesterday we played a game of pirate crazy golf at South Shields. It's a course we have played many times before and we had a good time.  The score, as you can see, was very close indeed.

South Shields - Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf, May 28 2016
While we were playing this course, I started thinking about the best bits of all the crazy golf courses I've ever played.  Putting all my favourite bits from all my favourite courses together would create my fantasy crazy golf course.

What would it contain?  Well...

1. Music
A catchy tune that jingles its way out of hidden speakers around the course and will ear-worm you forever. There's one of these at the Pirate crazy golf course in Scarborough.
"Yo-ho, Yo-ho, Yo-ho, Yo-ho; A pirate's life for me!"

2. Surprise
The course at Tynemouth has surprise water sprays on some of the holes. Always gets a good laugh - when you get sprayed yourself. Gets an even bigger laugh when you watch someone else get sprayed.

3. Seats

Somewhere to sit and wait while you're stuck in a traffic-jam queue on a course.

4. A bar
Tenerife, 2015
Having somewhere to sit, preferably with a beer, before or after you've played.  A lovely addition to a mini golf course but one we've only ever seen before abroad - in both Belgium and Tenerife.

5. A free game 
Saltburn, 2016

Whether it's making the bell ring at the end of a game, or some other way of rewarding a good final shot well played, there's a lot of fun in winning a voucher for a free game.

6. No concreteThere's not much I dislike about crazy golf, but playing on a concrete course is less than ideal. It puts me off so much that I would choose not to play a concrete course. The ball just runs, and runs and runs.

7. Water
Tynemouth 2015
I love, just love, having water involved in one of the holes.  (Not to be confused with 2 - Surprise above!).  One of the holes at Pirate Golf in Scarborough has running water which transports the ball down a slope and deposits it on the green. Lots of fun.  And if there is a danger of the ball going into a lake or pond on the course, a fishing net to get the ball out of the water is ideal.

8. Uniqueness
There's a crazy golf course at Seahouses in Northumberland. The holes are all, what appear to be, hand-made miniature buildings of local attractions. Much as the pirate-themed adventure golf courses are fun and well made and plastic and bright, I would like more quirkiness please!

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